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Members of Ian Joye’s family have received numerous scholarships and awards from public and private institutions over the years.

In turn, the Joye family has made substantial donations to many schools, public hospitals, and public institutions.

The Ian Joye Medal was established in 1999. Ian Joye has established scholarships for talented students whose parents have financial problems. Ian established the Joye Art Foundation, and the Ian Joye Medals in various disciplines at Sydney University.

Over the years Ian has abhorred blended funds. We seek to reward a specific individual, rather than an homogenised and pasteurised group. The Joye family have wanted to reward meritocracy excluding any principles of equity. The Joye family intend to expand these benevolent activities in rather novel fashions in the future.

The Joye family are pleased to advise that the we have agreed with Professor Patrick Parkinson, the Head of School, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, the creation of two new Ian Joye Medals in Law.

The first will be the Ian Joye Medal in Law which will be awarded to the student(s) with the highest WAM over the duration of their Law degrees. The second medal will be the Ian Joye Medal in Law and this will be for the candidate(s) who has achieved the highest aggregate mark in Law II and Law III of their degree. These medals will be awarded for the first time for the 2005 year.

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